Dam Removal - Case Studies

Headwaters Economics, an independent, nonprofit research group, released a new report today focusing largely on the fiscal and economic benefits of dam removal. The report illustrates these benefits by examining six case studies, ranging from some of the iconic, large-scale removals of recent years (Elwha and Glines Canyon dams) to several of the smaller scale dams (Bartlett Pond Dam) that represent the hundreds of thousands of dams that fragment rivers across the United States.


While the circumstances leading to individual dam removal projects are wide-ranging and dependent on a variety of factors, Headwaters distills the most common reasons for removing dams and some benefit-cost comparisons that go into these decisions. Our nation has more than 2 million dams - many of which are outdated and obsolete. These aging dams are a costly burden to our communities and pose a threat to public health and safety. A new report from Headwaters Economics details the benefits to taxpayers, communities and local economies that removing those aging and obsolete dams can bring.  Download reports below.